About Us

In 2008, Josh Cook formed Cook Real Estate to accomplish the goal of having his own brokerage company. Over the next 7 years, Cook Real Estate flourished and became very successful in two separate areas, residential and commercial real estate. In 2015, two great friends and business associates, John Avery Jr. and Barrett Wood, joined forces with Josh to create and develop two separate entities that will exemplify customer service, professionalism and knowledge in real estate. Cook Commercial Real Estate and 3 Creeks Real Estate were launched. Now under one roof and two distinct brands, we have the ability to provide full-service real estate services to both residential and commercial clients.

Why 3 Creeks? In the Central Texas area, we are surrounded by many lakes and creeks. 3 Creeks in particular; Berry Creek to the north, Lime Creek to the West and Bull Creek to the South form somewhat of a circle and include cities such as Austin, Georgetown, Cedar Park and Leander. Our group knows a whole lot about real estate within the 3 Creeks.

We are a full-service real estate firm specializing in residential real estate that provides turn-key solutions for both Residential Brokerage and Residential Property Management.

Established in 2008 originally as Cook Real Estate, we have successfully represented a variety of buyers and sellers with a wide range of real estate needs. With years of experience and extensive transactional knowledge, our agents and staff will ensure that your transactions are not only profitable, but also enjoyable.

We have thorough and up-to-date knowledge of Central Texas real estate, as well as an extensive network of professional contacts. From home inspectors to mortgage advisors, we frequently work with and recommend only the best. As residents of the area, we can also give you an insider’s perspective on the exemplary quality of life in Central Texas, and detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of specific communities.

Buying or selling a home involves making some of life’s most important decisions. At 3 Creeks, we help you make the right ones.